Real Fans Poll - Fourth Edition - AFC/Big Ten/Big 12
Real Fans Poll - Fourth Edition - AFC/Big Ten/Big 12
25 Oct 2018

Real Fans Poll - Fourth Edition - AFC/Big Ten/Big 12 In the fourth edition of our “Real Fans Poll”, we will take an updated look at the AFC, Big Ten and the Big 12.

The AFC seems to be a consensus two-team race between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. Our fans, as well as NFL expert Paul Kasabian of, agree that the Chiefs and Patriots are the two teams to beat in the AFC. Fans, on the other hand, are pushing more towards the Pittsburgh Steelers as their third choice out of the AFC, while Kasabian has the San Diego Chargers as his third best team in the conference.

The Big Ten conference has been shaken up this past week due to Purdue's dominating win over Ohio State. Despite the loss, ShooWin fans still have the Buckeyes as their top team in the Big Ten. ESPN’s college football expert, Joel Anderson has Ohio State as his number two team behind Michigan. While both Anderson and the fans have Ohio State and Michigan as the two clear favorites to battle out for the Big Ten East, the team expected to come out of the West is disputed. With a wide-open Big Ten West, fans are still sticking with early season favorite Wisconsin, while Anderson has Iowa as his top team coming out of the West.

In the Big 12, fans are riding the Texas Longhorns bandwagon, as they have them as their number one team in the conference, with Oklahoma coming in as a close second. We will be sticking with ESPN expert Joel Anderson, who has Oklahoma as his top team followed by the Longhorns. Not only do both fans and our ESPN expert agree that both the Sooners and the Longhorns are the top two teams in the conference, but they also agree that West Virginia is the third best team in the conference and most likely to make a Big 12 Championship appearance should the Sooners or Longhorns falter.

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